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Address All of Your Electrical Needs

Our licensed electricians are ready to address all of your electrical needs, from developing interior and exterior lighting plans, to changing out hard-to-reach light bulbs, to upgrading electrical panels and rewiring.

Our services include electrical installations for new construction and renovations, security lights and routine electrical issues as they arise. Call us today to discuss your electrical needs.

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All of your commercial electrical services handled

    Whether you’re building a new space, or adding onto or renovating an existing space, you’ll need to make good decisions regarding placing outlets and overhead lighting and powering the equipment that helps your business run.

    Our team will review your plans, get to know your design and pull the necessary permits to accomplish your goals. We use best practices to ensure your electrical system is up to code, thereby reducing your liability and ensuring your business runs safely and efficiently. We also time our work with other subcontractors, keeping your project on track.

    FMM electrical technicians can ensure your electrical system is up to code. If needed, we can provide simple or comprehensive rewiring. We also provide routine support for issues like outlet installations and bulb replacement for hard-to-reach fixtures. In addition, we help save you money by identifying steps you can take to be more energy efficient.

    With Louisiana’s storm-prone climate, an updated electrical system greatly reduces the possibility of business interruption. We understand that having a safe and reliable electrical system is paramount to your operational efficiency. Our goal is to help you create a winning environment for employees that is comfortable, inspiring and encourages productivity.

    Our team of experienced electricians can help you create a comprehensive plan for installing security lights in key locations within and around your business, as well as in parking lots and other exterior spaces. We also install emergency backup lighting.

    Security lights are one of the most effective ways to deter crime and unwanted activity. According to the national Society for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, strategically placed security lighting increases a feeling of safety among staff and customers while making commercial properties unattractive to offenders and unwelcome users.