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Renovations to Fit Your Needs

Renovations are a great strategy for improving your property values and your long-term enjoyment of your home. Residential light construction and renovations help you remain in your house and neighborhood while making your home better equipped to fit your evolving lifestyle.

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Why Choose FMM for Your Renovations?

Our team has years of experience renovating kitchens and bathrooms, adding outdoor kitchens and showers and expanding or creating master suites. We can create mother-in-law or college student quarters and update your space so it flows better for you and your family. We can also provide aging-in-place changes, such as widening doorways for wheelchair access, installing ramps and adjusting showers and other parts of the home so they’re safe and comfortable for everyone in your life.

Some of the Renovation Services We Offer

Kitchen & Bath

Updated kitchens and bathrooms will recoup their costs when you sell and will provide you years of enjoyment. Opening the right wall can increase your home’s flow, beauty and efficiency, while upgrading countertops, wall color, appliances, flooring and plumbing fixtures can be affordable ways to improve your home’s interior look.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Our team is pleased to help you create the perfect outdoor living space. South Louisiana’s mild weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors nearly year-round, and more and more of our customers are finding value and enjoyment in outdoor kitchens and living areas. A new patio, seating area, fire pit or outdoor cooktop is a terrific way to extend the boundaries of your interior living space. We can also work closely with your pool contractor to create a seamless flow of indoor to outdoor living space, including outdoor showers or private exterior bathrooms.

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Aging in Place

We can help you incorporate aging-in-place design features that will make your current residence your “forever home.” We create features that make your doorways, bathrooms and living spaces accessible to family members with compromised mobility. Let’s face it, we’re all getting older. By making these changes, you can be sure where you live now is comfortable for today’s aging family members and for you down the road. The National Association of Homebuilders estimates that more than 70 percent of homeowners will complete a remodeling project that incorporates aging-related improvements.

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Additions & Updates

We can update or add on to your house to meet your family’s changing needs. Additions include a master suite, mother-in-law suite or college student quarters, and additional bedrooms and living spaces for growing families.