Louisiana is renowned for its beautiful scenery and closeness to the Gulf of Mexico. But there’s something we need to be prepared for – hurricanes. During hurricane season, we might experience powerful storms that can cause our electricity to go out. That’s why it’s important to have a plan and keep everyone safe. At FMM, we understand how helpful generators can be in these situations. In this blog post, we’ll talk about why generators are important, how we install them, and how they can help us during storms.

Why Generators Are Important

Imagine a day without electricity – no lights, no TV, and no way to charge your phone or computer. It would be really difficult, right? That’s where generators come in. Generators can provide electricity when the power goes out. They are really useful during hurricanes and emergencies.

With a generator, we can keep our homes, schools, and important buildings powered up even if the regular electricity is not working. That means we can still have lights to see in the dark, use appliances like refrigerators and fans, and stay connected with our phones and computers. Generators help us feel safe and comfortable during tough times.

Generator Installation by FMM

At FMM, we specialize in installing generators efficiently and with ease. Our friendly team will visit your home or business and figure out the best location to install the generator. They’ll make sure it’s the right size for your needs. Then, they’ll get to work installing it so you’ll be ready when the next storm comes.

Once we’ve chosen the right generator for you, we’ll install it with care. We’ll connect it to your home’s electrical system so it can provide power when you need it. Our team will also show you how to use and take care of the generator so you’ll be prepared in case of an emergency. They’ll make sure you feel confident and ready to use your generator safely.

power outageThe Importance of Generators in Louisiana

Living in Louisiana means we’re no strangers to hurricanes and power outages. Because we’re located near the Gulf of Mexico, we can be affected by strong storms. That’s why having a generator is important for our homes, schools, and public places. Hospitals and emergency centers need power to help people, and generators make sure they can keep running even if the regular electricity is out. Generators also help us stay connected with our loved ones, power important equipment like medical devices, and stay comfortable during long power outages.

Prompt Generator Delivery During Emergencies

During emergencies, we know that time is important. That’s why we’ll quickly bring generators to the places that need them the most. Our team will work hard to make sure the generators are transported safely to important locations like hospitals, schools, and other places that help our community. This way, everyone can stay safe, and the important work can continue even when the power is out.

FMM: Your Certified Trane Generator Experts

At FMM, we’re proud to be certified Trane dealers. Trane is a reputable company known for manufacturing high-quality generators. Trane generators are recognized for their exceptional performance and reliability. Our team has been specially trained to provide you with the best generators and service. We want to make sure you have a generator you can count on.

To Learn More About Trane, Visit Their Website.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

As hurricane season approaches, it’s important to be ready and stay safe. Besides having a generator, there are other things you can do to be prepared. It’s a good idea to have an emergency plan in place. Talk to your family about what to do if a storm is coming. Make sure you have enough food that doesn’t need to be kept cold, bottles of water, batteries for flashlights, and a first aid kit. You can also listen to the news or check online to stay updated on the weather. If there’s a hurricane coming, follow the instructions from local officials to stay safe. They might ask you to stay inside or even evacuate to a safer place.

Taking care of your generator is also important. Make sure it’s checked regularly, filters are clean, and there’s enough fuel. This way, it will be ready to work when you need it. Your generator is like a friend who is there to help you when the power goes out, so it’s important to take care of it.

In addition to traditional generators, there are other options you can consider. Power stations, also known as portable power stations or portable generators, are versatile devices that can provide electricity during power outages. They are compact, easy to use, and can power various appliances and devices. Dual fuel generators, which can run on both gasoline and propane, offer flexibility and extended run times. If you opt for a gas generator, it’s important to have a sufficient fuel supply, such as a gas tank, to keep it running. Additionally, consider installing a transfer switch to ensure a safe and seamless transition from the main power source to your generator.

By being proactive and prepared, you can face hurricane season with confidence. Remember to take care of your generator and perform regular maintenance tasks, such as checking filters and fuel levels. It’s also important to be a good neighbor and lend a helping hand to those who may need assistance during storms. Together, we can navigate hurricane season safely and support one another.

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Generators are essential during power outages caused by hurricanes. They provide light, comfort, and peace of mind to our homes and communities. At FMM, we want to help you be prepared. Call us today to schedule a visit and get the backup power you need when the next hurricane comes. We are committed to keeping our community safe and resilient. Let’s be ready for whatever comes our way!