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As the leaves turn amber and the air fills with the crispness of fall, our hearts turn towards a beloved tradition that has become the highlight of our year at FMM – our very own Turkey Day, a unique Thanksgiving celebration led by our CEO, Steven Davis, and his father.

The Birth of a Delicious Tradition

Turkey Day at FMM is more than just an annual event; it’s a legacy of gratitude and warmth. This tradition was born from the compassionate vision of Steven Davis and his father. They wanted to create a special way to express their deep appreciation for the FMM team’s hard work and dedication throughout the year. What started as a small gesture has now blossomed into an eagerly awaited annual celebration.

The Essence of Turkey Day

Every Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Steven and his father don the apron and undertake a labor of love – frying a turkey for each employee at FMM. This tradition isn’t just about providing a meal; it symbolizes the essence of Thanksgiving – sharing, caring, and giving thanks.

More Than Just a Meal

The turkeys, seasoned and fried to perfection, are not just a culinary delight but a token of gratitude. They signify a shared meal, a moment of unity, and a reason to give thanks. This act of giving extends beyond the physical – it’s about nurturing a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and appreciation among all who are part of the FMM family.

Reflecting FMM’s Core Values

This annual tradition mirrors the core values of FMM – teamwork, respect, and a family-oriented approach to business. It’s a practical demonstration of our belief in giving back and recognizing the human element in our professional lives. Turkey Day goes beyond the festive; it embodies the ethos of FMM, where people are the heart and soul of everything we do.

The Joy of Giving

For Steven and his father, Turkey Day is a joyous occasion, an opportunity to step out of the office and to swap the suit for an apron. This day reminds us all that at the core of any successful business are people who need appreciation, care, and recognition.

Fostering a Culture of Gratitude

As each employee receives their turkey, there’s a sense of unity and shared gratitude. This tradition has fostered a culture where gratitude is a lived experience, not just a corporate value on paper. It has become a cornerstone of our identity at FMM, something that employees look forward to and talk about long after the holiday has passed.


As we gather around the Thanksgiving table this year, with the turkeys from Steven and his father at the center, we’re reminded of the blessings of being part of a team that values each and every one of its members. Turkey Day at FMM is not just about the meal; it’s about the message – that every individual is valued, every effort is appreciated, and every contribution is crucial to our shared success.

From our FMM family to yours, we wish you a Thanksgiving filled with joy, gratitude, and delicious moments. Happy Thanksgiving!